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St Andrew's Community Hospital

St. Andrew’s Community Hospital (SACH), established in 1992, is a community hospital providing sub-acute rehabilitative care and intermediate medical care. SACH is a service by the St. Andrew’s Mission Hospital, a non-profit voluntary welfare organization set up in 1913. It is located next to Changi General Hospital (CGH), an acute care general hospital located in the eastern part of Singapore. The close proximity allows for close collaboration and integrated care of patients between the two institutions.

Ren Ci Nursing Home

Ren Ci Nursing Home is a nursing home operated by the Ren Ci group, a non-profit organization serving long-term chronic sick patients and terminal illness patients, as well as offering rehabilitative care services. The group also runs the Ren Ci Community Hospital located nearby at Irrawaddy Road.

With the health ministry assisting the nursing home in its long term expansion plans, the Ren Ci Nursing Home has plans to move to bigger premises in Bukit Batok (northwestern Singapore) in the future.

Ren Ci Community Hospital

Commissioned in December 2008, Ren Ci Community Hospital is a new operating unit of the charitable Ren Ci hospital group. This small tertiary care hospital is located in the Novena area, next to Singapore's second largest general hospital, Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH). Ren Ci Community Hospital has an established working relationship with TTSH to allow it to tap on TTSH's medical specialists and support services. The close proximity and collaboration allow patients to smoothly transfer between the two hospitals as appropriate to their state of health and phase of treatment.