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Alexandra Hospital

Alexandra Hospital, then named the British Military Hospital, was established in 1938 to serve as the principal hospital for the British in the Far East. It is credited with being the first hospital in South East Asia to successfully perform limb re-attachment to a patient. In 1971, the Singapore Government took over the hospital and it officially became a public hospital taking on its current name of Alexandra Hospital.

Emergency Contacts

Below is the list of emergency contacts for the hospitals and medical institutions listed in this website. It is important to note that not all establishments cater to 24-hour medical and/or ambulance services.

Emergency Public Numbers:

  • Fire / Ambulance : 995
  • Non-emergency Ambulance Service : 1777

Hospitals 24-hour / Emergency / A&E Telephone Numbers:

  • Alexandra Hospital - the hospital no longer has an A&E department, 6472-2000 (general enquiries)

List of Hospitals and Institutions

The following is a list of hospitals and medical institutions in Singapore. It is classified according to the following categories:
  • General Hospitals - provide acute tertiary healthcare, with comprehensive medical facilities, in-house specialists and allied support services.

  • Specialist Hospitals and Institutions - provide specialist treatment and healthcare. These include medical centres housing independent specialist clinics and doctors.