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Singapore to hire 4,500 medical professionals over 2 years

Singapore's Health Minister announced that his ministry will be hiring some 4,500 medical and healthcare professionals over the next two years. Announcing the manpower push in Parliament, Minister Khaw Boon Wan said this will increase the capacity of public hospitals and institutions, allow the sector “to do things we were not able to do before” and “transform the delivery” of healthcare in Singapore.

Health Minister Khaw comments on medical negligence in hospitals

In Parliament last week, Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan spoke on the issue of medical negligence in response to questions from Member of Parliament (MP) Lee Bee Wah. He informed that, over the last five years, there were three cases of alleged medical negligence in Singapore's public hospitals that went to trial. In all three cases, the courts ruled in favour of the hospitals.

For cases that were settled out-of-court, there was an average of eight a year. Details of these cases were not known to the Health Ministry as non-disclosure terms were usually part of the settlements.