Ministry of Education raises fees for foreigners

Friday, December 22, 2006

The Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) will be implementing a revised fee structure for public and government schools, polytechnics and universities. Non-Singapore citizens admitted from academic year 2008 will pay higher fees.

The changes for the tertiary institutes (polytechnics and universities) are :

  • Permanent Residents (PR) will pay 10% more than Singapore citizens. Currently, PRs pay the same amount as citizens.
  • Foreigners will pay 50% more than Singapore citizens. Currently, foreigners pay 10% more than citizens.

As an illustration, annual tuition fees for medicine-related courses (undergraduate course unless indicated otherwise) are tabulated below:

CourseCurrent Fees
for Citizens
(SGD p.a.)
Revised Fees
for PRs
(SGD p.a.)
Revised Fees
for Foreigners
(SGD p.a.)
Nursing/ Physiotherapy (Diploma)2,1002,3103,150
Medicine/ Dentistry17,52019,27226,280

The above table is based on academic year 2006's fees. Future years' tuition fees may change.