St Luke's Hospital

St Luke’s Hospital, started in 1996, is a community hospital that provides medical, nursing and rehabilitative care for the needy elderly. The hospital started out as St Luke's Hospital for the Elderly Sick but was renamed to the current name in 2004. Despite this, the hospital continues its core focus on geriatric medicine and care.

Since 2005, the hospital has had an outpatient clinic to serve discharged patients returning for follow-up care.

St Luke's Hospital is located in Bukit Batok in the western part of Singapore.

2 Bukit Batok Street 11
Singapore 659674.
Tel (General) : 6563-2281
Tel (24hr/Emergency) :
Fax : 6561-8205
Email :
Website :

Map of St Luke's Hospital

Following is a map of the location of St Luke's Hospital and its surrounding area.
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