Alexandra Hospital

Alexandra Hospital, then named the British Military Hospital, was established in 1938 to serve as the principal hospital for the British in the Far East. It is credited with being the first hospital in South East Asia to successfully perform limb re-attachment to a patient. In 1971, the Singapore Government took over the hospital and it officially became a public hospital taking on its current name of Alexandra Hospital. Today, Alexandra Hospital is a major general hospital in Singapore with a staff of more than 1000.

Since August 2010, Jurong Health Services (JurongHealth) has taken takeover the management of Alexandra Hospital. JurongHealth will also oversee the future Ng Teng Fong General Hospital which will be located in Jurong town in western Singapore.

378 Alexandra Road
Singapore 159964.

Map of Alexandra Hospital

Following is a map of the location of Alexandra Hospital and its surrounding area.
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